The Food For Life distribution program began in the 1970’s when Srila Prabhupada saw a group of village children fighting with dogs over scraps of food, Swami Prabhupada became upset and and told his students that no one should go hungry within 10 miles of a temple.

SKM Welfare Society is a registered non-profit charitable organisation. Run solely by the efforts of monks and volunteers it is our mission to address the important and necessary basic human needs, regardless of race, creed, language or religion. We are always readily trying to respond rapidly and effectively in the wake of trouble and distress, providing relief, help and rehabilitation.

We strongly believe that there are no problems, only solutions.

Objectives :

  1. To organise various educational, recreational, social and welfare activities in enhancing a healthier youth and family life.
  2. To provide and organise a series of facilities and activities focused primarily on counselling services to all those seeking assistance of race, religion or financial ability. These including moral and spiritual counselling for troubled youth, persons with marriage and/or family problem as well as former drug/substance addicts without providing detoxification facilities and services.
  3. To follow up on such services eventually with an expansion intended to include a day care centre, free food distribution, free medical consultation etc., subject to approval from relevant authorities.
  4. To contribute to the social stability and well being of the citizenry of Singapore by way of the above objects.