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Overseas Outreach



SKM Welfare Society is fast becoming a worldwide organization with the Manila, Philippines branch being inaugurated in October 2013. Bringing much-needed aid to the children and families living in the slums, over 1,000 free meals are distributed at various locations around the megacity of Manila on a weekly basis. Local social service representatives travel with the monks and volunteers helping to find those who are most in need and gathering them at nominated distribution points. At each food distribution point, the Food For Life van is rushed to by the local children, eager for their next meal.

In Manila, there is a wide scope for the Food For Life, free food distribution program. It is quite a common sight to come across street kids aged between 5 and 15, who can’t even afford to get one full meal a day. Children are often found sniffing some kind of solvent in order to forget their hunger pains.Although the opportunities are unlimited, the resources are limited. Many children and families are still going hungry as the team of devotees struggles to keep up with the demand. With the hope that new benefactors will come forward, they are eagerly waiting to extend this most important feeding program.​


Since its inception in 2009, the Puducherry branch has put a keen focus on feeding the poor and needy of India. Over 500 meals are distributed weekly at local vegetable and provision markets and daily distribution reaches over 200 homeless people on the streets.


The center also runs a bustling restaurant that feeds over 100 people every day who are welcomed with open arms to satisfy their hunger.

The monks and volunteers at Puducherry center aspire to fulfill the mission that no one within 10 miles of the center should go hungry.




From humble beginnings, in 2016 the ISKM branch in Australia has continued to grow and flourish. Their Food For Life program began in the Far North of Australia working with local Aboriginal communities and charitable organizations to help bring warm, nutritious meals to the local children and adults in need on a weekly basis.

In late 2019 ISKM Australia relocated to one of the biggest cities of Australia, Brisbane, to further their welfare activities. Since the relocation, the monks and volunteers have established a connection with 2 local community centers as a platform to distribute free meals to the homeless and less fortunate members of the community on a regular basis. Further connections and avenues are being investigated to gain an even larger reach for the Food For Life - Free Feeding Program.

For up to date details of their activities please connect in with their Facebook page: @FoodFor LifeAU (

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