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Food For Life Program During Covid-19

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, numerous individuals of our community have been affected especially our migrant worker brothers and lower-income families. Sri Krishna Mandir has been dedicatedly working to provide warm comforting nourishing vegetarian meals to those in need.

At present we are regularly providing 1000 meals weekly to migrant workers and we are also supplying 300kg of vegetables to lower-income families in Marine Terrace.


Pre-COVID, SKM's main source of donations were fundraisers events. With safe distancing measures and all outdoor events at a standstill, our donations have dropped significantly.

The monks and volunteers at SKM strive to continue providing healthy and free vegetarian meals to our beneficiaries. We require your support to help more people in need and maintain our services. Your donations will help us to continue to serve 1,000 beneficiaries per week.

Let us show our support to our migrant brothers and lower-income families! Thank you for donating!

Please support our free food services during Covid-19 and beyond by joining as a monthly member in this link:


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Regular Customer
Regular Customer
Feb 22, 2022

I have been a volunteer there. This organisation is cheating. They collect donations but only distribution 50 packet of dessert once a week, at times once a month. The pictures are not real activities. Just for getting donations only.

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