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Free Food Distribution Program


Monks and volunteers at SKM Welfare Society kicked off the Food For Life, free food distribution program in 2003. Running a charity restaurant at Norris Road, Little India, the motto was eating as much as you want, pay as much as you want.


For those who were in need, the meal was provided free of charge. The restaurant saw a constant stream of foot traffic as the poor and needy came to receive warm and nutritious meals.


Due to location changes the restaurant is no longer able to run at the same level but is now operating on a smaller scale at the new center in Geylang.


Future plans will see SKM Welfare Society move to a more suitable location that will house an eating hall to accommodate up to 1,000 people and a dedicated Food For Life walk in the outlet.


In the meantime, the team is providing Food For Life to senior citizens at local old age homes, with over 1000 free meals being prepared and distributed per week including fresh fruit and vegetables.



Various Senior Homes previously and currently involved in this program:​​

  • Thong Teck (Geylang)​

  • Lee Ah Moi Old Age Home (Thompson Road)

  • Sunlove Homes (Near IMH)

  • Lower income residents of Marine Terrace 

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